Simple and Elegant Markers

If you're looking for a more simple, subtle way to memorialize and remember your loved ones, consider an elegant marker from McIninch Monuments Inc. Installation is available anywhere in Michigan.

Our markers are available in a wide variety of colors and stone types. It's important to remember that the lighter the color, the softer the stone is. Call our team today to discuss your needs and ideas.

Let Us Create the Perfect Marker

With more than 30 years of experience, McIninch Monuments Inc can produce nearly anything you can think of to memorialize your loved ones. Our markers are completely customizable and are available in single or double "companion" options. Our markers include:
  • Flat and flush grass markers
  • Beveled markers 6 - 8 inches above ground
  • Custom, personalized shapes available
  • Large selection of colors available
Available Anywhere in
the United States

Custom marker
Custom marker
Custom marker
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